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A family owned, “hands on”, firm with over 25 years of experience and thousands of Physicians licensed.  Our goal is to make this process easy, effortless and very “Physician friendly”. Simply send us your CV and let us license you!

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Specializing in the Licensing of Physicians to the State of Virginia

Our goal here at Virginia Med is simple, to make this process as Physician friendly as possible. In the spirit of making this process simple and Physician friendly, simply send us your CV by clicking on the “Get Started Now” button below.

Thousands of Physicians Licensed
(since 1994)

Former Board of Medicine Analysts on Staff

Daily visits to the Virginia Board on behalf of our many clients.

Why Hire Virginia Med?

As a former Application Analyst and Processor for the Virginia Board of Medicine, I, Michele Bertoldi, know this process like the back of my hand. My knowledge, expertise and nearly 15 years of experience are second to none when it comes to Virginia Licensure. Since 2003 The Virginia Board of Medicine handed out over $3,000,000 in fines to incoming Physicians who made mistakes on their application for licensure. With our “hands on” approach and years of experience, not only will you avoid the mistakes that cause these fines, you will also obtain a license in the shortest possible time.

How To Get Started

Fill out the form below and send us your CV.

Follow up with us at 850-325-1400 to verify we received everything.

Once we have received your information, we will get started immediately.

What We do

  • Virginia Med will take a complicated, frustrating, time consuming 6-12 month process and turn it into a quick, easy, almost effortless 2-3 month process.
  • If you are like most of our clients, your peace of mind is invaluable to you and your time is literally worth 100s of $ per hour. There’s no need to waste any of your valuable time trying to tackle this process in your spare time when you can just hire us to handle it for you.
  • That why we saying hiring us is a “Win Win”.

Benefits Of Our Services

Win #1

As a busy Physician, your time and spare time are VERY valuable and precious. The hours, days, weeks and months of time, work and paperwork that we will save you is the primary reason why most of your colleagues hire us to help them with this process.

Win #2

With our resources, experience and expertise in this process, we’ll have you licensed MUCH, MUCH faster than if you were handling this process on your own. Quite frankly, there is no way you can complete this process for yourself as fast as we can complete it for you.

A Word From Our Happy Clients

Want to know what we will do for you?

Check out our Services page!

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